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Parks & Rec - Atlas Tube Skating
Aquatic Centre Concept ATLAS TUBE CENTRE
447 Renaud Line
Hours 7 am - 9 pm Daily (Summer hours may change, contact facility)
Email:  recinfo@lakeshore.ca

This facility features: 3 NHL sized Ice Pads (one setup for sledge hockey), indoor track, gymnasium, concession, dance studio, community room seating up to 150, meeting rooms, conference rooms, library.  Opening in Summer 2016 an aquatic centre.
Outside, over 20 soccer fields, multi-use courts, tennis courts, multi-use trail and in Summer 2016 a splashpad.

Atlas Tube Centre Recreation Skating effective September 8, 2015 (Changes to days or times will be noted under News or Event calendar).

Sticks and Pucks - Sticks and Pucks is designed for all ages looking to have fun or work on their skills during designated times. 
Key Reminders - No pick up hockey or scrimmage games allowed.  Everyone must wear a helmet and and hockey gloves.  Ages 18 and under MUST have a cage on their helmet.  Slap shots at one end, wrist shots at opposite end.  MUST BRING YOUR OWN PUCKS AND STICKS

Drop-In Hockey Adult and Youth - Drop-in hockey allows players of all skill levels the chance to participate in real game situations without being overly competitive.

Figure Skating Practice-  Open Figure Skating is an open session for figure skaters to work on skill development with a certified coach.

Public Skates - Public Skates are open to all community members.  Sessions are designed for skaters at both the beginner and advanced levels.

Parent & Tot Skate - Open ice for ages 5 and under.

Interested in renting the ice for a party?  Contact recinfo@lakeshore.ca for availability.

Fall Track Hours starting September 8, 2015
200 m indoor track.
Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

We ask for patience as we finalize the construction of this facility. 

Phase II of the project, the WFCU Community Pools and Splashpad Aquatic Centre which includes a pool with beach entry, four swimming lanes and therapeutic hot tub construction has started with an anticipated completion of Summer 2016.


The Atlas Tube Centre has 33 dedicated spaces conveniently located near the entrances for Carpooling.  The Town of Lakeshore encourages our employees and visitors of the facility to participate in carpooling.

Carpooling is when two or more persons share their commute.  Only individuals who carpool can use the designated spaces. 

The benefits of carpooling include reduced pollution, greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming, energy use, and smog.  It also reduces environmental issues associated with the extraction, refining and transportation of oil extraction and petroleum refining for gasoline.